Monday, February 27, 2006

Just the two of us...

Yep. Dad came this weekend to pick up my mom and take her back home. TC is at work today.

It's just X-man and me here at the house. Us and daytime television. Food Network it is.

Oh, and two weeks worth of blog reading to catch up on! blogroll has been pretty prolific while I was away.

We've got X-man's two week check up today. I'm sure that will go well. And considering how much he's eating, he should have gained weight and be pretty close if not over his birth weight.

Me? I'm fairly certain that I'm below my pre-pregnancy weight. Yahoo! My brain is still thinking I need to eat like I'm pregnant with major heartburn. That's probably a good thing. My ideal healthy weight is about 30 pounds lighter than my weight at the beginning of my pregnancy.

X-man is really confusing us on his schedule. And maybe that is his schedule! The night before, he ate at 9:00 pm, again at 1:30 am and then again at 4:30 am...then not again until the sun came up. That was nice and TC and I both got some sleep.

Last night? He ate at 9:00 pm. Again at 11:30 pm. Again at 1:30. Again at 3:30. Then he slept right through TC getting ready for work and right through my shower and running the hair dryer!!! Crazy.

He ate this morning and it took an hour. And I know he was eating because I could hear the swallowing...gulping actually. He's asleep right now. I'm guessing he's winding up to be wide awake and crying at the doctor's office. Oh well. He's durn cute even when he's screaming!

Ok, off to get some things done before the pediatrician's appointment.

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Carissa said...

Your body still thinks you need to eat so much because you are still establishing your milk supply. You'll probably notice that, after the 6 week growth sprurt, your appetite will begin to be more normal. My MIL commented AFTER my first was born, during the first month, that she'd never seen me eat so much before, even when I was still PG.

Let us know how your appointment goes!