Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Has anyone else been super into this sport? Last week, when it was all curling all the time (except when it was hockey), we watched it. TC looked up the rules and that helped us to understand it a little better. Now I'm intrigued and we're watching the men in the semifinals.

If you've been watching it, did you see the special loaves of bread that NBC was giving to the people it interviewed during the curling? I think some Italian baker is laughing at us.

If you haven't seen it, let me try to describe...

A loaf of dark bread is shaped like the curling stone. It's round and puffy. Coming out of the top of that loaf is a skinny, light colored piece of bread to represent the handle on the top of the curling stone. Sounds fine...except it looks a little phallic. I can't believe no one on the set noticed that and decided not to give them out.

How embarrassing...

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KrisAndRod said...

OMG - since I've been home, and the olympics are the only thing on in the afternoon (unless you're into talk shows or soaps), I've found myself watching curling and being interested! I missed the whole thing with the bread, somehow, though... dang!

It's great to hear you, Xander and TC are all doing well. Good job!