Thursday, February 02, 2006

My birthday present is on its way!

Back in December, my mom gave me a check for my birthday. However, she said that it was to buy rubber stamps and stuff with. And more specifically, it was in part to purchase a set of watercolor crayons. Woo hoo!

I waited until now to order all the stuff I wanted because:
1) January through February is their Sell-A-Bration time.
2) I just happen to be the hostess of my Stampers Club in January so I get all the goodies and freebies!

I placed my order and I'm getting several free stamp sets as well as some sets from my wish list...including this cute set to use in my baby scrapbook!

I talked to my demonstrator last night and she said the order should be here on Friday! That's tomorrow!!! I hope she has time tomorrow afternoon to sort through all of it and get the stuff to me. Good thing she's my next door neighbor!!!

Now, with my luck, I'll have this baby before I get a chance to play with any of the stamps. Oh, well. There's always nap time...and the bouncy seat can easily be moved to the stamping room!


^starshine said...

hee that you have planned will come!

Sarah, Cayley and Maddie said...

Have lots of fun with your new stamping stuff! Naptimes are great for fun little projects!

Courtney said...

I've been checking in everyday to see if you've had your little one yet! Have fun with your stamps...they always seem to make time fly!