Monday, March 06, 2006

All Gussied Up

Yep. Yesterday, I got all dressed up to go to a wedding shower (the wedding for which I'm the matron of honor). I put on makeup and jewelry (I haven't been wearing my regular jewelry because I don't want to scratch X-man. And I managed to scratch him today with my wedding ring. Sheesh.) and I even put on perfume...just in case I smelled like spit up.

I thought I would enjoy visiting with the other bridesmaids and talking about non-baby stuff. None of them have kids yet. You know what? All I wanted to talk about was X-man. I was surprised how I could figure out how to get him worked into every conversation. Of course, I refrained from constant X-man conversation.

Then, a friend of mine (who has an 8 month old boy) came in and she came over to talk to me. We spent the rest of the time talking about our babies! I was so relieved! She didn't mind at all talking about poopie diapers, sore boobs and night waking.

. . .

Today isn't near that exciting. X-man and I did go out to the grocery store and we stopped at the pharmacy on the way. After the pediatrician appointment last week, I went to pick up the Tri-Vi-Sol vitamin that the doctor recommended. The only one I could find was with iron. Knowing that too much iron is bad, I called the doctor's office. They said it was fine to use since I wasn't taking a separate iron supplement myself. However, after one week of taking only one drop a day, poor X-man was constipated. Ugh.

Mamma made an executive decision and he's not having any more of that stuff until I can get some without the iron. That's what the trip to the pharmacy was for today. Except all the Tri-Vi-Sol they had expired in October of last year. I told them it was all expired, they thanked me and they offered to order some for me. So, X-man will be without his Vitamin D, A and B supplement until Thursday. But, he'll be having easier poops and that will make mamma happy.

Oh, and I'm making dinner tonight since the dinners from our Sunday School class have stopped. Tomato Bisque and grilled cheese are on the menu...


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Amanda said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed our talk-I did too! It's funny how even when you're glad to be on a break from baby duty, all you can think of and talk about is your little one!

Carissa said...

You're nursing, right? Why did the doc recommend vitamins at such an early age? The good stuff in breastmilk is better absorbed by baby than the vitamins and stuff that they put into formula. There is most likely no need for him to be on vitamins.

Vitamin D

Not really necessary unless your baby is really dark-skinned or doesn't get much sunlight or mom is vitamin D deficient. (They only need a few mins a week.


Iron supplementation

No real need for extra iron unless he was really premature or you were very anemic or had poorly controlled diabetes.


B12 isn't needed unless you are a VERY strict vegetarian/vegan with no animal products in your diet.

If it were me, I would not give the vitamins. NONE of my children took vitamins until well beyond a year.

eyeball_715 said...

how did the plumber thing work out?

KrisAndRod said...

Victoria's been on Poly-Vi-Sol with iron since she was in the NICU. It doesn't seem to make her constipated (tho they would give her suppositories if she didn't go once a day), but maybe she's just used to it now. She gets one full dropper (1ml) once a day and it SUCKS! A good majority of the time, she spits them up, and they stink like nothing else!!!

My theory: do whatever it takes to keep that little X-man healthy!

KrisAndRod said...

Oh- yay for you for going out! It really is nice to occasionally have to have a reason to get out of sweats, do your hair and put some makeup on, isn't it?!? Not that I've done much of that, but in theory it sounds nice!