Friday, March 03, 2006

Plumb excited!

Here's a quick backstory...

TC and I moved into this house in early December 2001. Shortly after moving in, we changed the knobs in the master bedroom shower and in the guest room shower. Both showers have three water, shower/faucet option, cold water. In changing the knobs, we royally messed up the master shower. On the knob to turn water from the faucet to the shower, the head came off the screw. So, a quick trip to Home Depot and we came back with a screw remover for just that type of problem. Um...the bit broke in the screw. So, we used pliers to turn it from shower to tub. However, it's been on shower for the last several years. I don't take baths and if TC wants a bath to relax, he goes to the guest bathroom.

Lately, the hot water knob has been acting up. It's almost like it's been stripped and it's hard to get it to turn all the way off. Great.

TC grew up in a house where his dad was the fixer and they rarely called a repair man to fix things like this. My house? Dad fixed calling the appropriate repair person. So, TC and I both have different ideas about how to get this shower fixed. At the very least, it's going to require retiling and some serious removal of the thing with the broken screw in it.

Yesterday morning, TC asked me to ask our Sunday School friends if they had any recommendations on a plumber. He said he just doesn't have time to fix the shower and we really need to get it fixed before we either can't turn the hot water on or we can't get the hot water to turn off. Yahoo! The shower will get fixed.

Someone's coming over today between 3 and 5 to evaluate the situation. Is it bad that I'm excited about getting our shower fixed?

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