Friday, March 03, 2006

Dang Cox

Our internet connection comes and goes and that really frustrates me. By the time I finally get the internet up and running, X-man is hungry, or has just spit up (out his nose...yuck!) or just generally needs some holding. That makes it really difficult to post!

Today's Friday and X-man and I have just about survived our first week at home by ourselves. I've managed to shower every day and I've had breakfast and lunch every day, too.

I'm getting used to X-man's strange little noises he makes. There's a funny squeak that TC says sounds like the air leaking out of a tire. There's a grunt that sounds like he's clearing his throat, but I don't think that's what he's doing. I think it's just a grunt. Then there's a different grunt/terrible face. I think that's the poopy-making face. He appears not to enjoy that particular action.

During the day, he sleeps in his car seat. Right now, I know he can't get out of it or rock it so hard it flips over. And it's somewhat upright, so I'm not as worried about spit up. I've got a sling and sometimes he likes it and other times he doesn't. I'm not quite sure he's in it just right. I've thought about taking a picture of him in it and emailing it to the company I bought it from just to see if he's really in there right.

We've started giving him a pacifier sometimes. I think it still may be a bit early, but I'm not worried about nipple confusion. He nurses with a nipple shield sometimes and au naturale sometimes. He takes to either depending on how excited he is. He doesn't seem to be able to keep the pacifier in his mouth for extended periods of time. He spits it out...which is pretty funny!

I'm going to get fitted for my bridesmaid dress tomorrow. It's going to need major alterations. When I ordered it, I was pregnant and not sure what my upper body was going to do growth wise. So, according to the measurements, I was on the upper end of a 16 or the lower end of an 18. Wanting to make sure there was plenty of material, I went for the 18.

Now, I can fit in my pre-pregnancy size 14 pants, I just can't sit down. But that's due to some alterations I had done to them. I think that if I went and bought a pair of pants in size 14, I'd be able to wear them without a problem. So, lots of material will need to go bye-bye. And the straps are beaded spaghetti straps. That just will not look so good with the nursing bra. So, we're going to have to make some enhancements by making the strap wider with some of the leftover material.

X-man is still sleeping so I think now is a good time to take a shower. Gotta get out of my pajamas!

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