Thursday, March 30, 2006

Flannel Crazy!

What the heck am I going to do with all these flannel receiving blankets after X-man "grows out" of them. They are of no use for swaddling...not big enough (good thing I got 4 of the blankets from the hospital!). I have one in the diaper bag. I know I can use them on the floor when we're playing there. But eventually, he'll be too big for the blanket. What do I do then?

^starshine casually mentioned at the shower last Sunday that they made great diapers. I'm not going that route, so that's a no go. Hmmm...maybe I should cut them all into squares and make a patchwork quilt out of them? The seven I got last Sunday all look great together.

Of course, a few of them have inspired me with their color combinations, so they'll be the inspiration for some background papers for my cards. Oh, and I can scan the fabric and print it on cardstock and have some other fun background paper.

I guess I can keep them for if/when we have a second child, but some how I think we'll get another round of them then, too!

So, if you have any craft ideas or just practical use ideas that I obviously haven't thought of, let me know!


courtney said...

I think cutting them up and making a patchwork blanket would be perfect! Then he'll be able to use it as a big boy for many years after he's outgrown the little blankets.

Carissa said...

A patchwork blanket sounds cool.

Don't count on getting a bunch of them for a second baby though. With each baby you have, you get less stuff. And if you happen to havea child of a different sex, people will probably concentrate on clothes.

^starshine said...

Ya know what? I bet we could come up a bib pattern and recycle those blankets. A little water proof fabric on the back, a little quilt edging around the edges, a little velcro closer...TADA! Bib! If you want to flesh this idea out further...shoot me an e-mail little chicka! :)