Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Take a little trip

We're back from our first long trip with X-man. It was actually ok and we made it through...and I learned a few things along the way.

TC took off work last Friday and Monday because we weren't sure how long the trip would take. As it turned out, the 6 hour trip to see Grandma and Grandaddy (TC's parents) turned into 8. We stopped twice for nursing the baby.

**Learned tidbit #1
I can nurse X-man in the car and I don't even care if I have a blanket over the exposed skin or not. It's not like you can see anything anyway.

When we got to our destination, we went straight to Grandma's office. She wanted to hold him, but X-man and I were ready for another nursing session. I covered him up with a blanket only because I didn't want to make TC's dad uncomfortable.

**Learned tidbit #2
X-man doesn't like to be covered up with a blanket when he's eating. It makes him go to sleep and he doesn't eat very well. This was even more pronounced when I nursed him at TC's parents' house.

Friday night was fun and we had two of TC's aunts come over to meet X-man. He was perfect and in a good mood. After one of the aunts went home, TC's parents and sister went to a square dance. TC's niece (14 years old) and the other aunt stayed with X-man while TC and I went on a date! We really just went to dinner and then to Bahama Bucks. But it was nice to go out and not have to worry about scarfing down dinner so someone can pick up the fussy one.

Saturday, we got to go visit ^starshine and her family. She's got a cute picture of X-man and her youngest girl over on her site.

Here's what I want to share with you from her, though. She made the most adorable little generic taggie blanket for X-man. I'm thinking I'm going to enjoy it much more than he...it's just so cute and better than a "name brand" because it's handmade!!! D*mn she's crafty! Here's a picture...

We took X-man to church on Sunday since Cuz (that's TC's niece) was singing. He was really good through the whole thing...he slept. I did notice that I got funny looks from people when I was using my pinky finger as a pacifier. He just doesn't like the pacifier, but he'll suck on my finger!

**Learned tidbit #3
I'm caring less and less what people actually think of me. Weird, huh? If they think I'm crazy, let them think that. And if I want to stick my finger in my baby's mouth instead of a plastic pacifier (that can fall on the floor, get lost, etc.), then, by golly, I'll do it!

Sunday afternoon was a little shower thrown by the square dance folks that dance with TC's parents. We got some really nice things and some clothes in a little larger sizes. Good thing...he's just about outgrown his little newborn onesies!

Sunday night broke open the Jones Soda Holiday Pack that TC's parents got for Christmas. The soda flavors were Turkey, Herb Dressing, Brussel Sprouts, Cranberry Sauce and Pumpkin Pie. Can you say nastified and grotifated? Barfaroni!

**Learned tidbit #4
Avoid the Jones Soda crazy flavors. Nuff said.

We drove back on Monday without any incident. It did look like we were moving by looking at our car all packed up.

By the way, X-man's ears are much better as far as I can tell. He's not as fussy during his awake time, but he still pulls away while he's eating. We've got a follow up appointment in two weeks and I'm sure the ear infection will have gone away.

Now lets see if I can drink my coffee before he wakes back up.


^starshine said...

Glad that the trip was such a success that you are settling in the "Mom" role. It is kinda hard to get over what other people think but in the end you are doing what you need to do and that is take care of that precious babe!

So glad you guys got to go out and go to BAHAMA BUCKS of all places. I hope that heaven has a Bahama Bucks... :)

And Xman is super special, cause not even Goober Baby has a blanket like that!

Smooches to the Baby!

MommyLuv said...

Glad you are doing great! I too, didn't care what people thought - we're Mommies! The only time I covered myself while nursing was when I was in a public place or around men. If Babyluv was hungry, then I was going to feed her. I refused to make her hot and uncomfortable by covering her up with a blanket all of the time! By the way, X-Man is so adorable!!