Sunday, April 30, 2006

Houdini and other Tricks

So, X-man really has outgrown his miracle blanket . He's too tall for it! The last three nights he's kicked one little leg out in spite of me trying to wrap him up tighter around the legs. I think he still needs to have his arms wrapped up so he doesn't startle himself so I guess we'll just wrap up his arms and make sure he has on pants and socks so his legs don't get cold. My little boy is getting so big!

We took him to the church nursery today for the first time. We've been going to Sunday School and skipping the church service because X-man would need to eat right in between the two and he eats for 30 minutes or so. I'd miss most of Sunday School! Anyway, we signed in and filled out the form. The only instructions I gave the Rocker/Huggers (those are the people that volunteer in the baby area) were where the pacifier was and where the diapers were in the diaper bag. As we were leaving, another mother that we know was dropping off her son. She knew it was our first time to leave X-man down there so she said, "He'll be ok! I promise!" Well, duh! I wouldn't leave him if I was concerned. I was even so unconcerned that I forgot to have them assign us a pager and then I realized that they didn't even know what class room we were in! Oh, well. He was apparently a great little boy...and he was only down there for an hour. We got him back in a great mood and with a nice, clean diaper.

I have no problems leaving X-man in capable hands. Now, the girls that work at the gym nursery I'm not so sure about.


one hot 'sista said...

Gym nursery? I'd be afraid they'd use him as a free-weight!

snarflemarfle said...

Ack! No free-weight baby!

^starshine said...

I have yet to leave Goober Baby at the church nursery. I even told the associate pastor I wasn't ready to give her up yet! He just laughed and understood where I was coming from.

Now with the other girls, we literally dropped them at the door as we screamed their names to the teachers. Unfortunately we just screamed their first names so no one had any idea who they belong to.