Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Is there anything better...

...than getting that great big gummy smile when I go to get X-man outta his crib in the morning? It's like he's saying, "There's that lady that takes care of me. I like her!"

I've got him in the bouncy seat right now and he's giggling and flailing his arms and legs all over the place. What a cutie!

But I could do with a little less talking at night. Why did that start? Is it because I'm trying to put him to bed a bit earlier? It's really only an hour difference, but the talking from the 3:00 am nursing until the alarm goes off at 6:00 is a little tiring.

Oh, and my size 12 jeans I bought 3 weeks ago because my 14s were too big? Well, those are too big now, too! I think the last time I fit into a size 10 was after I graduated from college (8 years ago).

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