Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

It's a little late, but I hope that all of you with the heart of a mom had a great day!

TC's parents were in town for the weekend, so it was great to get to visit with them...and to have two extra pairs of hands to hold the babe. On Sunday, after I got ready for church, I headed into the living room and X-man was asleep on the couch. We've figured out how to let him sleep in the boppy for a little while. It makes me feel like he feels like he's still being held. Anyway, there he was, sleeping away and TC had stuck an envelope under X-man's arm. It was just too precious. It was a certificate for rubber stamps. I already have my eye on a toile set and a giant X stamp.

TC's parents got me a Willow Tree sculpture to go with my other Willow Tree angels and things. The sculpture they got me has a husband and wife leaning over their new baby. Just perfect.

Oh, and X-man learned a new trick...a little flirty face. Twice yesterday he looked at his grandma, tilted his chin down to his chest and looked up at her with cute little eyes.

Too cute!


^starshine said...

How cute is that! Tucking the envelope under his arm!!

I was just thinking...that last willow figurine came when you found you were preggers. Wasn't that about a year ago now?

snarflemarfle said...

It was a year ago June 10th!