Saturday, June 24, 2006

Operation: Burrito Be Done

Last night I decided to try to let X-man sleep without his swaddling blanket. Oh, I had a few reasons:

1. He's been getting out of it by getting his arms out the bottom. Then the blanket's all wrapped up around his neck and chest. I don't think it'll choke him, but still.

2. TC and I are going to a musical next week and a friend of ours will come babysit (ASH's mom!). I don't want to try to explain how to get the kid wrapped up in that crazy blanket. My dad told me that it would give him nightmares if he were wrapped up like that. Good thing he's got good control of his arms!

So, how did he sleep? Pretty good actually! He woke up 10 minutes into bed time, but TC gave him his pacifier (which my dad says we should call "sock" in "put a sock in it") and he went right back to sleep. He woke up at 1:30 am, I gave him his pacifier and he went right back to sleep. 3:30 am...ready to eat. I nursed him and he promptly fell back to sleep. He woke up twice between that time and 7:00 but fussed for about 30 seconds and went back to sleep. Whew. We'll see how tonight goes.

Oh, and Operation: Own Bed has worked out quite successfully. He's even getting much better at napping in his crib. We can sometimes get a 30 minute nap! My boy is not one for those 1-2 hour long naps. Nope...too much to see and too much to drool on.

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