Sunday, June 25, 2006

We have rollage!

Yep...Mr. X-man rolled over from his tummy to his back...three times!

The first time he did it, I was playing with him on his tummy and I was trying to get him to lift his head up by putting his little ducky above his head. He watched it and turned his head to get a little more comfortable and...plop...right on his back. He wasn't startled at all until I jumped up to get TC who was edging the yard. TC took a little ice water break and X-man did it again! He did it one more time after that, but not when I had the video camera out. Too tired.

What a big boy!


PitterPatter said...

YEA X-MAN!!!!!

Amanda said...

Good job, X-man! Now mommy will just have to watch you extra close once you start rolling all over the place. You rollers can roll pretty fast!