Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Well Baby!

X-man's four month appointment went very well yesterday. He was such a good baby.

*And it's 6:00 am and he's still asleep! He went to bed at 8:30 last night. Poor little guy was tired. But mamma's really ready to feed him!

He weighs 14.14 lbs and is in the 50th percentile...right where he has been at every weigh-in. His length is 24.5 inches and that puts him in the 25th percentile for height. That's where he was when he was born and at his two week check up. That means that his two month measurement that dropped him down to the 10th percentile was a fluke measurement and the nurse didn't get him stretched out all the way.

His ears are good, but he didn't like the doctor holding him down so he could get a good look at them.

Little X-man has a flat spot on the right side of his head and it's causing that side of his forehead to bump out a bit more. I need to start switching the direction his head's going in the crib.

He's doing well developmentally and the doctor is happy with that.

Then on to the shots. X-man cried but it seemed mostly because we were holding his legs and arms down. There were no tears and it never got to a shrill scream. And when I picked him back up to hug him, he quit crying. I even got a smile and a giggle when I was putting his clothes back on! He was in a great mood while I checked out (crazy office can't figure out if I have a copay or not and if I do, what it actually is...that's another story...and not as interesting as ones about X-man). And he fell asleep in his carrier while I waited on my car to be pulled around. You gotta love free valet at the hospital.

He was a little fussy last evening and very tired because he didn't sleep much before the doctor's appointment. And like I said earlier, he's still asleep and we're headed on 9.5 hours of straight sleep. He actually did this the two nights before, too. Slept 10 hours one night and 9 hours the next. Consequently, I've gotten three nights of excellent sleep!

Since X-man did so well at his check-up, my dad (Paw-Paw) said that he'd buy X-man some ice cream. Of course, I'll have to eat it for him.

The things us moms do for our children. I'll choke it down some how! =)

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Amanda said...

I'm glad everything went so well and that X-man is sleeping so well. Isn't that the greatest? Sorry you had to eat some ice cream-I'm sure that was torture! It was really great to see you guys this weekend! X-man is getting so big!