Monday, June 12, 2006

My husband, the Hardy Boy

I didn't think it'd be nice to call him Nancy Drew. And his accomplice is ^starshine's hubby.

Last night when he got off the computer, he said, "I've been reading your blog. I'm sorry you don't have time to read all your friends' blogs."

I asked him if he really remembered my blog address. Nope, he didn't. So how did he find it?

Somehow he remembered that ^starshine's blog had something to do with pajamas. So, he googled that, found her blog and then found the link to mine.

What a goober. And I told him that he doesn't have to worry about what I put on the blog. It won't be anything I wouldn't tell him anyway. And I won't get too personal because some of you see us on a regular basis and probably don't want to know all of that.

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^starshine said...

That is so funny!

Yes, it seems our hubbies are a duo. Specially when I hear them on the phone and they start speaking "code."