Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Almost one day down...

TC left for Seattle for a work trip this morning. He'll be back Thursday afternoon. This is the first time I've been all by myself with X-man. And it's not really that I'm questioning my competence. I'm not worried that I can take care of him on my own. I just really look forward to TC coming home after work so I can have a little relief.

It's not like I hand over the kid and say, "Here...he's yours." It's just one other person that can be looking after that baby. I don't have to worry about if I go to the bathroom and want to read a long story in my Good Housekeeping, I'll hear X-man fussing part-way through it.

Anyway, tonight was no biggie. The day actually went by pretty quickly. And I do have a little relief now...since X-man is asleep. Hopefully he'll skip the midnight fuss session. It usually just requires a quick roll to his side and he's back to sleep(I love how Sarah calls this a "soft reset"). But, since he didn't nap well today, maybe he'll just get up at 3:00 for a midnight snack.

So, since I have some "me" time, I've got up the Big Brother live feed. And what's going on? Jase is picking on his fingers in the hot tub (by himself), Dr. Will is asleep on the couch by the hot tub and James is asleep in the hammock. How thrilling. It's 7:00 where they are. And it's not like they have a whole lot to do all day. Come on people! Entertain me!

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^starshine said...

I love the "soft reset." I actually told the hubby that Goober Baby just needed a soft reset last night when I put her down for the night.

I forgot TC had his trip. It is nice to have another warm body at the end of the day to at least mentally share the load.

By the end of this week, you are going to go from a house of Mama and baby to a house of Mama, baby, hubby, hubby's best friend, best friend's wife, daughter #1, daughter #2, daughter #3. :)