Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Five Months

Wow! Some days I can't believe how big you are and some days I can't believe how small you still are.

You have just blossomed this month. So many new things!

Your feet are your second favorite toy...with my face being the first. You are an old pro at grabbing your feet and it's quite helpful when I'm changing your diaper. It's much easier with your feet up in the air than when you are arching your back and getting your bottom off the changing table. You haven't figured out how to get them in your mouth yet, but I did notice you playing in the floor on your side and you were trying really hard to get those cute little toesies of yours in your mouth.

You have pretty good control of toys once you get them in your hands. You love to chew on your Italian crab (it's by infantino...G-Joy was the one that said it was Italian). You didn't used to be able to get it to your mouth once you had it, but it's no problem now. You also love to play with the keys that I keep near the changing table. It at least occupies you when you aren't in the best of moods. And when I dangle them in front of you, you get an excited look on your face like you've never seen such a thing before...and it goes straight to your mouth.

And when I get you down on the changing table, I hold on to you while I get all the supplies ready...a diaper and a wipe at the ready. You have started reaching for me and patting me on the tummy. How adorable is that?!?

My face is, happily, a calming thing for you. When I'm rocking you and getting you settled down for a nap or for the evening, you will reach your hand up and pat my mouth or put your fingers in my mouth. While you're doing that your eyes get droopy and you will play with my mouth, cheeks and nose until you just can't hold your hand up anymore. It's just the sweetest thing.

As for your own mouth, your tongue is always on the move. It's almost as if your tongue is your first line of exploration...which I guess it is. You get ahold of something in your hand and before you can even bring it to your mouth, your tongue is moving and ready to explore what you've got. This is especially cute when it's about time for you to eat and I'm "getting ready." You start lightly grunting, your tongue is starting it's sucking motion, you're drooling and you take your hand and guide me to your mouth. Then, when we've finally connected, your eyes roll back in your head and you are happy again.

Speaking of being happy, you are happy much of the time. And you really like to be around people because you flirt appropriately. You'll flirt with me, with daddy and with Beth at the Sushi place. You flirt with the ladies at church and you flirt with the grocery stocker who's putting up the apples. You behave so perfectly in public and that makes mamma and daddy proud. Now when we're at home you'll let me have it. You've got this scream that has a grunt/growl in it. You did this the other day and I had to put you down to take care of some business, and you just screamed and growled and screamed. It broke my heart. But the minute I came back to get you, you turned on the charm and giggled and smiled at me. Your giggles are getting even cuter and for longer periods of time. It's amazing at what will make you laugh. You love the tickle spider and you love it when daddy does the Itsy Bitsy Spider. You'll grab on to his arm and help him with all the movements. And you'll just laugh! Daddy told you the other day that your giggles were like gold to his ears and your smiles were like gold to his eyes. I love to watch him go ga-ga over you!

You also love to watch me eat! You can be a little fussy before I have lunch (mostly because the nap you should be taking then only lasted 10 minutes) and when I sit down in front of you with my lunch, you just watch me so intently. I can't wait to see what you'll do when you can eat with me!

Rolling over has been a great discovery. You are quite the pro at rolling from your back to your tummy. Only problem is that you don't realize you can also roll from your back to your tummy (I've seen it!) so you get really frustrated. I'll roll you back to your back and what do you do? You flip back over to your tummy. At night when I put you in your crib, always on your back, it seems that the most comfortable position for you is on your side. It's so cute to watch you gently roll to your side and relax for a nice sleep. Of course, some nights (early mornings?) I'll hear you really fussing and when I go to check on you, you're on your belly with your head up and looking around. This morning when I went to get you, you had calmed yourself down while on your belly and you were sucking on your hand. I think I scared you when I went to pick you up! You looked almost surprised that I was there!

You're wearing 6-9 month clothes. I've decided that the sizes are just a suggestion (much like adult clothes!) and as long as it fits, it's fine. It's just that the 6-9 month outfits look so big!

Last night we had a giant rain storm. It's rained in your last 5 months, but never with quite as much thunder and lightening. You slept through the whole thing. Even I woke up for a few of the thunder claps.

Sleeping has been interesting this month. A week or so after your 4 month-day, we decided to stop swaddling you. Mostly because you were able to wriggle out of the thing. So, you now wake up around midnight and sometimes you put yourself back to sleep and sometimes you need a little help. And help can be as easy as putting the pacifier in your mouth and sometimes as difficult as a good rocking for an hour. And no more sleeping until 7:00 am. You are raring to go at 5:45. What's up with that?

I love to watch you sleep. I can tell that you're really asleep now when you spit out your pacifier. Then you start to suck on your tongue. And can I say that I just love your little square face when you have your gums clenched together? You make the cutest razzberries while you're sleeping. Another heart-melting moment.

Kisses...I love your kisses. Of course, they are of the open-mouthed variety and usually involve lots of licking, but I love X-man kisses. You giggle when I kiss you and sometimes you grab my ears and pull my face toward you and I get a whole body kiss from you! Daddy tells you that I'm silly when I'm kissing you so much, but I think you like it.

I am so surprised at how you have just taken over my heart. Sometimes while I'm nursing you, I could just cry at how happy I am that you are here with us. Daddy and I are so blessed to have you in our lives. I can't wait to see what you'll do this month!



Sarah, Cayley and Maddie said...

What an wonderful letter! Your little X-man sure is a cutie, and the pics of you two together are just too sweet!

^starshine said...

Has it really been 5 months? Wow!

If X-man is such the flirt...I dunno if I want him around my Goober Baby. :)

Jessica said...

What adorable pictures of X-man!! Can't believe how much he has grown...wow! :)

Amanda said...

Happy 5 months, X-man!