Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Do as I say, not as I do

Ugh. I lied. Right in front of X-man. Afterwards I told him it wasn't good to lie and I was very sorry. Of course, I don't think he understood me. He wouldn't understand that it's ok to lie sometimes, either. Here's the scoop.

I heard a knock on my door this morning. I went to go investigate (I'm kinda paranoid) and it was the same girl that's been by three times before, all at different times of the day. My neighbor called after the first time she came by. She was in the neighborhood selling educational books...I think that's what she was selling. If she was 18, I'd be surprised. Poor girl. Door to door selling is hard work.

Anyway, I answered the door and she said, "You must be the official mom of the house." Cute. I'm holding a baby. I could be the nanny. Then she called me by name. Back up! Oh, wait...I bet my neighbor told her my name. She asked me if I knew the other families on the block with small children and then called all of them by name. Well, I know my neighbor on one side (she's my stampin' buddy) and I know the names of my other neighbors. Other than that, couldn't tell you who else lives on my street.

The girl talked a little bit more about nothing and reached down to pick up her bag-o-books and asked me if I had someplace to sit down, she only had 7 minutes. Then, out came the lie:

"Actually, I'm trying to get ready to go to a doctor's appointment."

She said she wouldn't be much longer, just wanted to give me some information, when was a good time to stop by again. I try to not hurt people's feelings, so I told her another lie:

"I work in and out of the house, my schedule is really all over the place."

She told me she works from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm. I'm thinking that she better not come to my house at 9:00 pm! I'd definately be asking for her door-to-door selling permit.

Finally, I said, "I'm really not interested in whatever it is you're selling." She kept on. "Thank you, but I'm not interested." Again, she continues.

That's when I smiled and closed the door in her face.

In order to avoid the conflicting life lessons next time, I should probably just jump to the "I'm not interested" line and then the smile-close-the-door move.

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