Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fun Trip

I got to take a spontaneous road trip with my dad on Thursday and Friday...and yes, I took X-man with me.

A great friend of my dad's passed away and the funeral was in Branson. We'll he had to go right through our city to get there, and my mom couldn't get off work to go with him, so we thought it would be fun for X-man and me to keep him company.

The trip was really fun. I took several bags of EBM to feed to X-man since the trip was about 5-6 hours from my house. I even got an adapter so I could plug my pump into the car and pump after X-man ate. That worked out well except the pump is noisy...and I can only imagine what the truckers were thinking. Of course I had everything covered up, but still.

X-man was the perfect baby and everyone now thinks that he's just a sweet, mellow, chilled, happy baby. Which he is! But, he never screamed around other people or got fussy either. And at the end of the funeral ceremony at the VA cemetery, they did the gun salute...the 5 guys shot three times. X-man was asleep and just jumped a little on the first set of shots, but wasn't even phased by the rest of them. He's such a good baby.

The trip really wore out X-man, though. He took 3 one-hour naps on his crib! That's really unusual as we usually are doing good to get 30 minutes. And the last two weeks he's been on a nap strike. So, the napping was good and he's done really well with the naps today, too. Maybe the start of something good.

Now I just need to clean the house because we'll be having house guests every weekend for the next four weeks! I love it!! ^Starshine and her crew will be here in two weekends and I'm super excited!


^starshine said...

Make sure to leave a few cookies under the piano for Z girl. :)

snarflemarfle said...

I'd forgotten about that!

one hot 'sista said...

...and don't forget the beverege center for Aunt Chickie!!