Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I know it's only Tuesday...

And Solipsist goes through her referrals on Friday, but this was just too good (or too bad) to pass up.

Ok, we'll warm up with the first one:

Smooshed-face wax lion: I'm assuming you're a fan of Wonderfalls. While I don't have a smooshed-face one, my friend K did get me a wax lion for my birthday last year!

And here's the kicker:

crochet catheter bag pattern: Ewww! I HATE CATHETERS!!!!! But kudos to you for wanting to dress up the hospital room a bit. And no, I don't have a pattern for this, but I imagine you could alter a water bottle pattern and make it work. Or, just find a pattern for a little purse and go from there! And please, post a picture of the finished project (just not in actual use).

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Stubbed My Toe said...

I so don't understand this post. Maybe I need more coffee, or maybe actually watch this Wonderfalls you speak of.