Thursday, August 17, 2006

I will not throw in the spoon!

Ok, so X-man has now tried rice cereal three different times. We started this Tuesday evening between his 4:30 nursing and 7:30 bedtime nursing. The main reason for this timing was that TC would be home to help.

So, the setup for Tuesday-6:15 pm: 1 tbsp rice cereal, 2 tbsp breastmilk; stir; is this supposed to be so runny?; add just a bit more cereal; stir (I couldn't bring myself to taste this concoction); feed to baby and watch most of it come pouring back out of his mouth; listen to him really holler!

Wednesday-6:00 pm: 1 tbsp rice cereal; 2 tbsp formula; stir; ahhh...much thicker (tasted it and it tasted like sweet metal); feed to baby and the first bit in his mouth started a holler-fest!

Thursday-7:00 am (before his 7:30 am nursing): 1 tbsp rice cereal; 2 tbsp breastmilk; stir; runny again; he actually kept a good bit of what I gave him in his mouth!; I think that he probably ate about a teaspoon before hollering at me.

We will probably try it again tonight. But this time, I won't put in as much formula. When I did use the formula, I used the right ratio of powder for 1 oz of water.

By the way, is it bad that X-man's lying on the floor watching the Today Show?


Sarah, Cayley and Maddie said...

As much as it looks like all of the cereal is ending up on his face he probably is eating more than you think. He'll get used to it!

As for laying on the floor watching tv, the handout from our ped visit today actually said to let them have lots of floor time. And hearing conversation is good too, so nothing wrong with that at all! :)

snarflemarfle said...

Sarah, you are fab!