Friday, August 18, 2006


Tomorrow is our 6 year anniversary! TC made reservations at the swanky Japanese steak house about a month ago, so we'll be going there for dinner tomorrow night. X-man is going to stay with our neighbor...who can't wait to babysit!

I have even figured out what I'm going to wear. And it includes a pair of flirty, dressy pants that I haven't been able to wear since Christmas of 2004. They fit even better now than they did then!

Oh, and if you have a chance tomorrow, pop over to ^starshine's and wish her a happy birthday! Six years ago, she kindly spent her birthday with us. Her husband was the best man in our wedding and she took some great pictures of the wedding!

What are we doing tonight? A friend of mine brought over her heavy-duty breast pump for me to borrow and I need to get some hoses as well as some other accessories for it...I won't go into detail. Then we're going to pick up something for dinner (TC's not going to make me cook tonight) and after X-man goes to bed we're going to watch a movie. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy! It was a funny book!


Sarah, Cayley and Maddie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you have a wonderful day together!

PitterPatter said...

happy anniversary love you guys!

^starshine said...

I always like to think you chose today to get married cause you loved me so much. :) hee hee...

Hope you guys enjoyed your day. Hubby and I have such fond memories of that day and the week before. It is truly a wonderful moment when you see such true love before you come together and unite as husband as wife!

We love you guys!

scribbit said...

Congratulations! --and nothing says sexy like a heavy-duty breast pump.:)