Friday, August 11, 2006

Six Months!

I can't believe you've been here for half of a year already! These six months have just flown by! And you're getting so big and so smart.

I love how you pat at things. You pat the pillows on the couch, you pat my arm when I'm holding pat the piano keys! Of course, each thing makes a different sound and I think that's what you like. You also "pat" with your feet. You're getting better at the foot slam in the crib. What a great noise that makes! I love it when you get a toy down by your foot that rattles. You'll kick it and pat it with your foot just to hear it! I think I've even noticed you moving toys down by your feet so you can play with them with your feet. Just lends even more credibility to my idea that you're a little monkey!

You reach and work for things when you're playing. If you're on your tummy, you get really frustrated when you can't get something. So, you'll pull your legs up under your butt, get your cute little booty up in the air...and bury your face on the ground. Sometimes you can scoot this way, but not real far real fast. And when you're on your back and you want something, you'll roll over for it. If you still can't get it, frustration ensues.

What a great job you're doing at taking things from one hand and putting them in another. I watched you this morning pull your pacifier out of your mouth (pop!), hold on to it, pass it to your other hand and promptly put it in your mouth...but not the conventional way. You'll just chew on the shield or on the ring but there are rare occassions when you can get it in your mouth the right way.

You are always wiggling. You're legs and arms are pretty much always in motion. I can't believe you don't just fall asleep sometimes with all the activity you have! But often, you'd rather play than take a nap. It's cute until you're just so tired that you don't want to sleep! And about those naps. Some you'll take in your crib and some you'll take on the floor. Of course, sometimes when I get you to sleep on the floor, I lie down with you to calm you down and then fall asleep myself. I love those little naps!

You love your exersaucer (thanks ^starshine!). Of course, all you want to do is get everything in your mouth. In fact, I've caught you gnawing on the tray a few times!

You are curious about everything. When I'm talking on the phone, you want to eat it. When you see the remote control (we call it a clicker're going to think we're crazy because it doesn't click!) you want to eat it. Pretty much everything you see you want to check out with your mouth. It's fun to watch. You'll grab something, bring it to your mouth and sometimes pull it away and look at it funny.

You love to watch us eat. You'll watch the forks from our plates to our mouths and then you just watch us chew. Sometimes you'll even make what lookes like a chewing motion with your own mouth! How fun it will be when you can eat other things! What an adventure that will be. But we'll start off slow...with some rice cereal.

X-man hugs? I love those! When I pick you up and hold you with your tummy to my chest, I love that you put your little arm around my neck and hold on. It's like you trust me to carry you anywhere. And lately you've figured out that you can hold on better if you grab the hair on the back of my neck. Thankfully that doesn't hurt too much...but it might not be a good thing if someone else with longer hair picks you up!

You love to play peek-a-boo! We'll cover up your face with a blanket and you'll immediately pull it off and grin at us! Sometimes we'll even cover up our own face and you'll pull that blanket off and grin when you see us again.

You've really started "talking" in the last few weeks. And your giggling is even cuter! What fun you are to play with! You get so excited when you make something make a noise and everyday has new things to do and play with. One fun noise you've learned how to make is a gurgling sound. You almost sound like a wookie. And when I make the sound back to you, you just get that great big grin and you'll giggle.

Speaking of talking, when you really get going, sometimes you'll say "ma ma." But I think it's more of an accident than really knowing what you're saying. Still, it melts my heart!

I love X-man kisses. You're still kissing with lots of licking, but I love it. You'll grab my face with both hands and pull my face towards you and then kiss away. I love it!

You love it when I sing to you...and it could be anything! After your bath, I sing the baby burrito song (which is just the words "baby burrito" to the tune of hail to the chief. don't ask me, your daddy came up with it!) and you'll just giggle while I dry you off. Sometimes when you're just a little fussy I'll sing "You are my Sunshine" and you're all better. Then there are the times that I'll sing whatever song pops into my head. Like the time when I pulled off your diaper and you weren't through with it...I had a little fountain on my hands. So, I sang:

"I've got a river of life flowin' out of me..."

Ok, a church song that has absolutely nothing to do with peeing, but it cracked me up.

This month saw the appearance of the rota virus. Thankfully, you've gone through it with a minimum of pain. Really, the only symptom you've had are the dangerously smelly diapers. That's a good thing! But in the whole ordeal, I have learned that you really like apple pedialyte.

Have I ever mentioned how absolutely precious you are when you're asleep? Sometimes when I get you to sleep for your nap, I just want to hold you and look at you forever. I don't, but I want to. The way your little face looks so peaceful, the way you put your gums together and you get that little square jaw and how you sometimes suck on that imaginary nipple just makes me want to kiss you all over, but I don't because I don't want to disturb you.

I can't wait to see what you'll do in the next six months. I know you'll continue to amaze and delight.

A very merry half-birthday, X-man!


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Sarah, Cayley and Maddie said...

Love your letters to little X!

Happy 1/2 birthday!