Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mommy Secret Revealed

With X-man having this super poop virus, I decided that I did want to supplement with some pedialyte. I got the unflavored kind and put it in a bottle. X-man mostly just played with the nipple. I tasted it and don't really blame him for not wanting to drink it.

So, I go back to the pharmacy and decide that I'm going to get a flavored one. They have apple, orange, cherry and grape. Everything but the apple is colored like a neon sign. Then it hits me:

secret revealed here

The reason that so many little ones drink apple juice (aside from the obvious laxative properties that I am quite well aware of from a babysitting job/accident) is that the apple juice won't stain as badly as the other flavors!

And for your info, X-man just slurps down the apple stuff. He even gets a little anxious when I have to remove the bottle from his mouth in order to wipe off his chin!

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R*Belle said...

You are dead on! My dad sometimes buys GRAPE or cranberry and I usually either hide it or only let them have it around the pool!