Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Thank you, X-man!

Papers by Sarah Meyer

Thank you, X-man for...

1. Being such a voracious eater that I'm wearing size 8 jeans today! No muffin top and I can comfortably sit down, too!

2. Eating your bananas so well yesterday. You tried them for the first time and you certainly did act like they were tasty! (By the way, why do the baby food fruits not smell like the corresponding fruit? The banana smells weird and the peaches are just almost noxious!)

3. Sleeping so well! I nurse you around 7:15 or 7:30 and put you to bed around 8:00 then you sleep all night! You usually wake up around 7:00 but sometimes you sleep until 7:30! And when I've put you to bed the last few nights, you've been drowsy, but not asleep, and you've gone to sleep on your own!

4. Smiling at me with that great big toothy grin whenever I walk into the room with you! And reaching out for me when you see me. Nothing like feeling needed!

Love you, punkin pie!


Sarah said...

Thanks again for using my papers. :) X-man is such a cutie!

Cute new header up there too!

Yay on the 8s--you are doing so much better than me!

Baby food--gag. We started off feeding Cayley jarred food and it just looked and smelled so bad. We switched with Cayley at about 8 months or so and Maddie's always been on homemade food. Really not too hard, much cheaper, and better looking and tasting. I'll send you some quick tips if you'd like, or you can just google it if you're interested.

MommyLuv said...

I am so envious! Okay, how does a woman actually lose the "muffin top?" I am a size 2/4 and even I have a "muffin top" especially when I wear the trendy, low-rise jeans.

Stubbed My Toe said...

So they can be trained to sleep through the night? We are listening...

snarflemarfle said...

Mr. Stubbed, do you really think I'm going to give away all my secrets??? Well, I actually would to your wifey!