Tuesday, September 19, 2006


TC's in Seattle and will be back here on Friday afternoon. I think X-man misses his daddy...so does X-man's mamma...

We had a good day today. It was day two for peaches at breakfast. X-man just slurped 'em down! And he just gets so excited about eating that his arms and legs are flailing all over the place. It's too funny!

He has a little bit of a snotty nose and has figured out how to make a bubbly sound out of his nose. It sounds like he's motorboating, but it's really coming out of his nose! That cracked me up when I figured out what he's doing.

Tomorrow I've got lunch with a friend of mine. When we planned the lunch I was craving baked potatoes, so we'll be going to a local sandwich shop that has delish baked potatoes. I craved these potatoes while I was pregnant with X-man.

Off for a bit more me time! I'm going to play a bit more with Photoshop. I'm having so much fun with the digiscrapping. Of course, I'm having more fun figuring out Photoshop so I haven't made too many layouts. But, I do have one page done...it's of me on our way to the hospital to have X-man!

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