Monday, September 18, 2006

Yes, we're nerds.

Last night, the WB Network had a special sign-off by showing the pilot episodes of their 4 signature series. There was Felicity and Dawson's Creek (yawn...) and then Angel and Buffy.

Yes, TC and I switched back and forth between those shows and whatever else we were watching. I even taped Buffy because I never saw the first episode.

And then, last night, we finished watching the Firefly series. Firefly was a short-lived show written by the same guy that wrote Buffy and Angel. And since the show was cancelled so early, the writer made a movie to wrap everything up.

That's on the tape, too, with Buffy.


Betsy said...

FYI: I have the complete Buffy series on DVD. If you ever want to borrow it. Have you seen Serenity (the movie that goes with Firefly)?

Stubbed My Toe said...

Got the wife hooked on Farscape, now she likes Firefly, now if I can just get her to put her hair up in buns. "Help Ben Kenobi, you're my only stud".

Yeah, I'm da man.

snarflemarfle said...

Bets, we've got Serenity on tape. And I'm probably going to put the Buffy series on my Christmas list!

Ben, if you can get your wife to do that...

...wait, I don't want to know!