Monday, September 25, 2006

Who thought this was a good idea?

Yesterday as TC and I were walking into the sanctuary at church, I noticed the interestingly dressed man in front of me.

He was wearing a traditional Scottish outfit...complete with kilt, tam (that's what the hat's called, right?) and the pouch/belt. He was kinda hard to miss, but somehow TC didn't even notice this guy in a skirt walking in front of us. My first thought was "bagpipes." But I quickly dismissed that. Who wants to hear bagpipes? I wasn't really concerned about his clothing because people wear all kinds of things to our church and he was dressed. I didn't know that maybe he was visiting from Scotland and that's what he wears to church!

TC noticed our friend, ASH, sitting a few pews behind where we were going to sit (I obviously wasn't paying much attention, either) and she and her friend came to sit with us. I looked through the bulletin and saw some special music (Amazing Grace) and didn't know the soloist's name. Then I noticed the kilt-wearer sitting with the choir. That bagpipe thought cropped up again.

During the announcements, TC looked over to the back of the sanctuary and said, "Oh good lord." I looked that direction and there was kilt-wearer with his bagpipes draped over his shoulder (or under his arm...I didn't get a close look).

Shortly after that, Mr. Bagpiper adjusted his instrument which made it cry like a cat in heat. Then he began his rendition of Amazing Grace and walked down to the front of the church.

Now, not only was this a bagpipe and I can hardly stand the sound of it to begin with, it was a bad bagpipe. Being as musically inclined as I am, I was in actual, physical pain listening to this. The hair on the back of my neck was standing straight out. I had to bow my head, close my eyes and clench my jaw to keep from laughing...or crying.

Oh my lord was right. Several friends of ours mentioned that they were noticing my face during the performance. I tried really hard to not make faces. I really did!

I will say that I appreciated the sentiment and the fact that he was playing an instrument that's somewhat difficult. But what was our music minister thinking?!?


one hot 'sista said...

He wanted to make sure everyone was awake and very ready for the sermon that day....

A cat in heat, huh? I think it would be more like a duck being choked with a kazoo jammed in it's mouth, and some animal jumping up and down on it's stomach. Like a sad US Acres cartoon....

^starshine said...

Perhaps he couldn't think for all the noise!