Sunday, October 22, 2006

Made it through Friday

Last Friday, I spent all day at a conference. It was here in town, but TC took the day off so he could stay with X-man. I actually did pretty spite of the little tear I had in my eye as I was leaving. Poor X-man had no idea that I wouldn't be back until well into the day.

I left bottles for TC to feed X-man. And they had a grand old time. X-man even made a nice, giant, smelly diaper for daddy. Good job, kid!

I took my pump with me to the conference hoping to pump at least once during the day. I pumped before I left in the morning since it was before X-man usually ate. There were two breaks during the day that corresponded with X-man's eating times, so I just pumped then. That was an experience.

There was an electric outlet in the bathroom...but there was no way my cord was long enough for me to go into a stall. And if I did, there would be a cord draped across the floor and that's just a tripping hazard!

So, I skipped out just a tad early from one of the sessions and made my way to the bathroom. Thankfully, there was a coat rack on the wall so I could hang the pump bag there. I also found out that there wasn't enough tubing to stand up while the pump was on the ground. I got myself all plugged in and hooked up and stood with my back to the door. Not because I didn't want the ladies to really see me, but if I faced any other way, I could have looked right out the door into the foyer...and anyone out there could see right in.

After about 3 minutes, the session got out and ladies started coming into the bathroom. The first few just stood in line behind me...I looked like I was waiting for a stall. After that, I would just tell ladies that I wasn't waiting, they could go on ahead.

Most of them had no idea what I was doing until they came out of their stall and saw me from the front. The bottles slowing filling up with milk was a dead giveaway! One lady around my age came over to me, patted my arm and said, "You are such a dedicated mommmy!" I nearly cried.

Some ladies would walk in, talk to their friends for a few seconds and then look around and say, "What IS that noise?"

"'s my pump!"

I had several nice conversations with ladies of all ages about their experiences with breastfeeding (did for 14 months; could only stand it for 3 months), pumping (with and without an electric pump), and our babies in general. It actually turned out to be a really nice experience.

X-man was appropriately happy to see me when I got home!

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Amanda said...

i'm glad you made it through. it's hard leaving your little one, isn't it? i'm glad you had some understanding ladies in the bathroom. we need to do lunch soon with cher.