Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wave to the baby!

This weekend, TC and I went to our university's homecoming. We had a great time and so did X-man. But as always, there were people that weren't able to be there that we missed. Ladies, I missed you!!!

On our way there, we drove through a little town that must have been having a hunting event. They had a big sign draped across the stop light (yes, THE stop light). The sign said...(ASH, are you ready for this?)...


And the capital letters are just as they were on the sign. I nearly hurt myself laughing so hard. The last time I saw a sign with the same emphasis, I was on my way to TMEA with a few other music major friends of mine. It was one of those "you had to be there" moments!

Anyway, we got to visit with several professors and they all thought X-man was just adorable...and the spittin' image of TC. We saw several friends and enjoyed the football game. X-man really enjoyed all the people and the noises. We did get his picture at TC's club's well, and with each of us at both of our clubs' tee-pees.

We left the game early to see if X-man would nap (nope!) so we missed our team winning the game in the last 15 seconds of the game. That would have been great to watch!

That evening TC and I both had dinners with our respective clubs. My reunion dinner was a special 70 year anniversary celebration. We had a nice dinner and the girls put together a really nice slide show. For those of you that missed it, I'll put it up on the club website when they send it to me (along with all their pictures of the evening...I totally spaced and didn't take any pictures)! I was really excited to see their dress shirts with the crest on them. The crest was the one that I had designed back when I was in college. I'm sure the girls got it from the website because I've got it posted there, too.

The only thing that irks me a little about the current group of girls is that someone mis-learned our club song and there are a few measures where they have the wrong notes. Now, this may not bother some people, but Ms. Music Major here has to grind her teeth every time! Oh, well. At least I didn't hear that blasted "s" at the very end of the song this time!

Oh, X-man really is waving now! It's so cute! His little wrist just twists and turns all around...almost like he's practicing for Ms. America.

And since I'm talking about X-man here, no meal of mine is my own any more. When we are eating, he wants to eat, too. He doesn't care...whatever is on our plate that we'll put in his mouth is ok. That probably means it's time to add lunch into our baby food schedule (he's already getting breakfast and dinner).

Have any of you had these? My mom had some and I told her that my no frills grocery store would have them...so she bought me two boxes to bring back. Well, guess what was in the store right as I walked in this morning? Yep, a display of these. So I got two of the flavors that mom hadn't gotten me. These are just delicious! The texture is nice. They're not so hard that you'll crack a tooth if you don't dip them in your coffee or tea, but they're nice that way, too!

So, to you ladies that I didn't get to see at homecoming, know that I missed you terribly. And if somehow you were there and I didn't see you, what the heck?!?


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you saw this kind of sign before...brings back such good memories! Okay, piccolo to young'un signing off!

Anonymous said...

I meant to say "see that sign" AGAIN! Late afternoon and I'm kinda out of it. FYI, KK is in the hospital. I'll send out a mass e-mail when I have a chance. All is okay and I'll give more details later.

Stubbed My Toe said...

I don't see whats so funny about the COME HUNT sign, but then again my son will come home from the hospital in camo. Just think, by inducing M early I can still make opening weekend. Glad you had fun, M missed it and was bummed.