Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Holiday Goodies

Around this time of year, I always get the hankerin' for some homemade sweets. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that my grandmother always made the yummiest candies and would send us big boxes of candy at Christmas. Peanut Butter balls (alas, I'm going to have to wait a little longer before eating peanuts), taffy, lizzies (but I didn't eat these...they were fruit cake bars...and looked gross), homemade baby ruths (didn't eat these either because they looked yucky), brittle, pound cake...

I'm going to have to resurrect this post and make some popcorn snow. And this year, I will not buy the cheapest popcorn for my air popper. That sorta backfired. I gotta remember you get what you pay for!

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one hot 'sista said...

Hmmm....I believe you should resurrect this tradition seeing as how you're the new Mom in the Family! And just to set the record straight:

The Lizzies are WONDERFUL!! Especially with my take on Grandmother's recipe (I use twice the liquor - the 1st time on Ivanhoe by accident, and the 2nd time on purpose because the 1st time it made them taste yummy!)


You never got any of the homemade Baby Ruths because I LOVED them! I used to get them all out of the box and hide them in the bottom of the pantry so no one else would eat them! They were sooooo d*!$^ good! Hey, do we have that recipe?