Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bad Baby Breath

Anyone have any idea how to get rid of bad baby breath? X-man used to have some really sweet breath. Now, not so much.

It smells like spit up and that's not endearing. In fact, last night I thought it was his clothes that smelled so I took off his clothes and he played in just his diaper for about 30 minutes before bathtime.

Tonight I rubbed his gums with a clean washcloth. He enjoyed that...pretty much chewed on my finger the whole time.

Any suggestions?


Stubbed My Toe said...

I don't know how to fix the bad breath, but JEEZE! Williams burps make me want to vomit. Soured formula... blech. You figure it out, please let me know.

Queen of things green said...

Talia went thru the same thing and Max has just gotten to that point as well. The washcloth is really the only thing I know of that can help. Maybe we could try the infant tooth and gum cleaners. Most are sold with a plastic finger tip cleaner and a toothpaste like cleaner.

Sarah said...

Ditto to the above post--try the baby toothpaste. Since X still doesn't have teeth you'll have no trouble using the little finger brush on his gums and tongue. Maddie, the proud owner of 6 teeth, tries to bite my finger off. :)

^starshine said...

My thought is perhaps its his tonsils that are a bit stinky. If you think about all the icky stuff they basically attract to keep us healthy, that might be the source of the stinkyness.

I would also sweep around his gums a bit to make sure there isn't any food stuck between his gums and the side of his cheek.

snarflemarfle said...

He has had alot of drainage. That could be part of it. I'll have to look for the infant brush-thingies!

scribbit said...

I have no idea, and I suppose having him rinse with Listerine would be a bad idea. :) Good luck!