Monday, December 04, 2006

Leftover Cake!

Yahoo for my birthday and leftover cake!!

My parents came for the weekend and we had a great time! Even though my birthday was on Saturday, I went ahead and made a cake on Friday. That way we could eat more cake!

It wasn't a fancy one...just a box mix and some powdered sugar/butter icing. And hey, the cake is just there to hold the icing! I still have some cake in the fridge and you can bet I'll be having a piece after X-man goes to bed tonight!

Saturday was lots of shopping. I got a pair of size 0.5 jeans...ok, they came from Chico's that has wierd sizing numbers (I think the largest they go to is size 3), but that's fun to think I'm wearing a size half. We also got some sweatshirts as a Christmas gift for TC. They're nice! Mom and Dad picked up two really cute sweaters and a pair of navy pants for X-man. They've just been chomping at the bit to buy him clothes, but they're afraid to get something the wrong size. Instead they've been getting him books...which is just fine by me!

And speaking of X-man, he gave me a cute birthday present...he learned how to clap with two open hands! He'd been clapping with one open hand and a fist. But he's so cute with the clapping. TC says that it looks like a drum major clap. Once a drum major, always a drum major!

Last night after I put X-man to bed and after we'd eaten another round of cake and ice cream, TC pulled out all the Christmas decorations. Our Christmas tree is up now! I just love going through the ornaments and talking about where each one came from. And this time, I got to tell my parents about all of them! I'm sure they were just thrilled. Our tree is amusingly devoid of ornaments on the bottom, except two little cloth ornaments my parents brought for X-man. He's going to love the tree when he finally notices it!

I was especially excited to open the box of ornaments from ^starshine. Last year she made us some ornaments and they were even more beautiful than I remembered them! She made a snowman santa for TC, a cute snowman for me, a Christmas tree and even a little pebble for X-man, who was the "little pebble" at the time. Man, she's a talented lady. My mom was uber-impressed with them also. I've already ordered an ornament from her to do X-man's first Christmas ornament. Yahoo!

Now for a few pictures. I'll have plenty this month because I've decided that I really need to get scrapping, but for some reason, I can't think of a thing to do with X-man's baby pictures. So, I'm going to take a picture every day in December and do a book of December.

This was the view from my front door on Friday morning:

And after commenting to TC that I'd love to get some firewood and actually have a fire in the fireplace, he came home with some firelogs (not really a roaring fire, but it did the trick!). This was a great birthday present!

Here's the tree all decorated. I don't know if you can see them, but X-man's little cloth ornaments are hanging right on the bottom.


^starshine said...

How can I forget that it is your birthday month!! :)

Looks like not only you got a frosted cake, but a frosted front yard too! And that fire looks oh so nice!

The tree looks very lovely! :)

Becky said...

ok, i had to stop reading and excuse myself to go develop bulemia when i read the line about your new "size 0.5" pants... i'm jealous of you, and also sort of confused at why a retailer would size something "0.5" - wtf? seriously?

ok, now that i got that out, i can go finish reading the rest of the post...