Thursday, November 16, 2006

Oh Sweet Heaven!

I recently came across the Mother Load blog. Amy has some great money-saving tips and every Friday, she lists freebies that you can sign up for. Samples from manufacturers and things like that. It's kinda fun and I look forward to her Friday Freebies.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, she posted that Dale and Thomas Popcorn was giving away free samples (just pay shipping). I went to check it out and they had a freebie two-flavor pack and the shipping wasn't too much, so I went for it. It was delivered on Monday. I got the Cinnamon Creme DrizzleCorn and the Chocolate Chunk N'Caramel. We opened the cinnamon last night and I couldn't eat too much of it because it was so rich. I put the leftover in a ziplock and left it on the table.

So, what was calling my name as I was feeding X-man his breakfast of fruit and oatmeal? That durned cinnamon popcorn. I had several pieces while X-man ate more healthy foods!

And after having the cinnamon, I can't wait to open the chocolate. I've decided that this is what we're getting for TC's dad for Christmas and after talking with my sister, I think we're also going to get some for our dad for Christmas. They don't need things that are just going to collect dust or never get used. Let me tell you, this popcorn won't stick around to collect anything!!


one hot 'sista said...

...and don't forget about AC over here (just for a snack) who can't seem to tell what the difference is between up and down!

scribbit said...

Oh, I must have missed that one, that sounds delicious! I love her blog too because I love free stuff. By the way, thanks for the note on your sidebar--how did you get the cool *updated note on it? I love that.

Danita said...

Oh my, yes! I signed up for that free popcorn - received the same flavors you did. WOW! Super Yum-o!!

Amy said...

Thanks for the mention- I hope you weren't on a diet ;) I didn't get any this time, but I have heard that it is amazing. I am holding out for all that turkey and stuffing this year.

Thanks for swinging by my blog- I really appreciate it ;)