Monday, November 27, 2006

Thankful for so much!

Thanksgiving was great!

We spent the holiday in good 'ole Texas with TC's family. And inspite of the occasional "one-up" sessions, I had a really good time.

Everyone loved on X-man. But he wasn't the only tiny cutie there. Another cousin-family brought their 5 year old and 5 month old. X-man didn't seem to mind when I played with the 5 year old. But that boy got his diaper all in a wad when he saw me playing with the 5 month old! I've got a jealous one who apparently doesn't want to share his mamma.

TC and I did get to spend an evening sans-son with ^starshine and her husband, also sans-children. We ate a delicious dinner at a Japanese steakhouse and then went to a premier shaved ice place for dessert. Yea for adult conversation!

X-man ate like a hoss while at grandma and granddaddy's house. You'd think we didn't feed him! And he really enjoyed the dressing at Thanksgiving dinner. It's a lovely cornbread dressing and after all the cooking, it's the perfect texture for a little boy with no teeth.

The trip home wasn't too bad, but I'm not sure X-man liked traveling in the dark. Thankfully after we got home at 8:00 and bathed him and got him to bed, he slept all night (with just one little talking session at 4:30).

I was going to spend X-man's nap times today unpacking and doing laundry, but my part-time job needed me to prepare the budget for our organization. That's way outta my comfort zone, but I'll be ok. I ended up spending both naps (the second one was 2 1/2 hours!!!) on the laptop working. Makes the paycheck fatter, but doesn't help the laundry pile!

And then TC decided to go ahead and get our Christmas present...a flat-screen HDTV. It's all set up and fits perfectly in our entertainment center. Now we just have to get a new digital cable box that does HD. TC's taking a sick day tomorrow since he's got a dentist and eye doctor appointment so he can deal with that. He's sitting on the couch right now just reading through the instructions and playing with the settings. What a techie nerd! But I love him!!!

Now to prepare for this coming weekend when my parents will be here for my birthday! Yahoo!!!

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