Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas 3.0

We had a Christmas Concert tonight at church and TC and I played in the orchestra. The choir sang two pieces without orchestra at the beginning of the concert so my brain randomly wandered.

I thought about how the last two Christmases were vastly different than this one.

Two Christmases ago in 2004, I had just had a miscarriage. I remember getting a little teary during the Christmas Sunday church service. All the little kids running around in their new Christmas outfits, said kids getting great big hugs from all kinds of people. Just made me wonder what we had lost.

Last Christmas, I was quite pregnant with a little less than 2 months until we'd get to meet our little pebble. I got a little teary when the little boy of a friend of ours sang a sweet song at the Christmas concert. We could have a cute little boy like that bouncing around in my belly! I also remember hoping I could get through the concert without having to step out to pee!

This Christmas we get to watch X-man experience it all for the first time. I don't think that he really understands what's going on, but he sure is going to love all the company! TC's parents, sis and niece are coming for Christmas and my parents are coming for New Year's. I'm not sure he understands gifts either but he sure will love chewing on all those packages!

The same holiday, three incredibly different sets of emotions. I'm glad this one is turning out like it is!

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