Monday, December 18, 2006

So. Much. Poop.

X-man wasn't very interested in his medicine (which is odd, because he usually just sucks it down) or his bottle this morning. So, after struggling a little and finally getting him to take his medicine and drink one whole ounce of his bottle, I put him on the floor to play.

Then I heard it...the tell-tale sound of a diaper being filled.

And boy did he fill it.

After I wiped him down (all the way to his heels!) I decided that he really needed a bath. And I'd prefer to not give him a bath by myself so you know that I must have really thought he needed a bath!!

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Queen of things green said...

I have had days like that. I am constantly wondering where does all that poop come from. I can't believe that such little people can make such a big mess.