Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Poopy Clothes Tally


1 pair of pajamas
2 pair of pants

today (and it's not even noon yet):

1 pair of pajamas
1 pair of pants


In the same news, X-man has been on his new antibiotic for 4 days now. He should be better.

He's still more fussy than usual and he's messing with his ears. The poop is due to the antibiotic so that's not a major concern.

I can just see him getting overly ill this weekend and the pediatrician's office isn't open on the weekends or on Christmas. So, I called the pediatrician's (why does that word look mispelled every time I type it?) office and we're scheduled for this morning at 10:30. I'll probably have to wake him up from his nap which should be interesting...never done that before! I'm hoping that I'm just over reacting and he's really fine. Otherwise I'm going to get to meet an ENT doctor.

Updates on the tally and the appointment later this afternoon!

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