Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bits and Pieces

I got this idea from Mama C-Ta and she tells where she got the idea.

Basically, instead of a What-Happpened-In-2006 post (which can get out of hand really fast!), this is the first sentence from the first post of the month. Very interesting if you ask me!

January - Um...is that an allusion to the Beastie Boys?

February - Yesterday on my way home from work, I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up a few things and decided that I'd get some more hard candies for my hospital bag since I raided the lemon drops.

March - Our internet connection comes and goes and that really frustrates me.

April - Well, I went a little crazy at SuperCuts yesterday.

May - Well, X-man is the epitome of efficiency.

June - No, that wasn't one of the words in last night's spelling bee, but it sure is fun to say, isn't it?

July - Hey girl! We need your girls for a baby-proofing session!

August - My sister and parents were here for the weekend.

September - I just had the most delicious chicken salad sandwich ever!

October - I was sitting in orchestra at church yesterday and as I was putting up, I heard someone call my name.

November - I met the Diva-Me last night.

December - Yahoo for my birthday and leftover cake!!

If you are so inclined, you can read the actual post by clicking on the month link. If you decide to do this, too, leave me a link in the comments!

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