Monday, January 15, 2007

Finger Lickin' Good

What's up with the sucking on the fingers, X-man?

I was beginning to think that we weren't going to have to worry about him sucking his thumb or a pacifier into third grade. Now I'm not so sure.

X-man has started sucking on his first and second finger as well as his thumb. He doesn't put them all in his mouth at once and he's not really sucking them in a way that looks like comfort.

It's almost like he's just figured out that he can use that "action" on other things besides his bottle! I noticed today he was really sucking on his linky rings. And my chin is still a favorite spot...

However, in the midst of this newfound skill, he figured out how to get juice out of his sippy cup. We have a cup that has a valve in it so he doesn't end up wearing the whole cup full of juice. When that valve's out, we can put the cup to his mouth and he'll drink just a little bit. But when the valve's back in and we give him the cup, he mostly chews on the spout and the bottom of the cup (what's with playing with the bottom of everything?!?). Today, though, he actually took a few drinks from the sippy with the valve in it! Yahoo!

We'll keep trying with the sippy cup and I know he'll get it eventually!

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Queen of things green said...

Max does the exact same thing with the same fingers. He is so loud with his sucking sometimes it can be a little annoying. Talia never did that? I don't know....maybe it is a boy thing?