Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I sound like a real parent

The other day, X-man was playing with his airplane. It's got a handle so you could carry it around (if one could walk...) and the nose of the plane opens up. X-man likes to put some of his little cars or blocks in there.

So he's trying to open the nose of the plane (which he's done lots of times) and this time he just can't get his fingers in the right place to open them.

He starts to cry because he's frustrated.

I say, "Honey, if that way's not working, try it a different way. Don't get upset about it."

TC immediately hopped on that comment to tell me that it was good advice. I believe that was the same day I had a meltdown about balancing my checkbook (I had some online bill payments I hadn't entered so my balance and the bank's balance wasn't matching. Argh!) and I also had a minor meltdown about filling out that frickafrackin' 990 for the non-profit I'm doing some work for. I should listen to my own advice more often.

And then yesterday, X-man skipped his morning nap and I went with it. We went to the grocery store during what used to be his morning nap time. He was fine. But when I put him down for a nap at 12:30, he napped for two hours (!). When he woke up he was mad. Some of it, though, I think he was just screaming because he had learned a new noise. But boy did it give me the willies. It was a scream that just boared through your head and hurt!

So I told him, "Just because we can make noise doesn't mean we have to."

Hmmm...I think I've heard that before...

*On a side note, I figured out the 990 issue. I should have been filling out the 990EZ but I answered some question incorrectly at the beginning of the wizard and it gave me the full 990. I finished the EZ one in about 20 minutes. Whew!

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