Monday, January 01, 2007

My son, the puppy

TC and I regularly joke about our son being just like a little puppy. And I'm not very fond of dogs so it just makes matters worse.

When he was first learning how to roll over, I'd say, "Roll over" and move my hand in a roll-over-motion...much like you would to a dog!

X-man likes to lick. His kisses are really licks and often require a good wipe of the cheek (or chin, or neck or nose) after he's done with the kissing.

He also pants. It's really his laugh, but it's breathy and just cracks me up!

Then there's the patting the floor and saying, "Come here!"

So many things that are eerily similar to a dog.

I've just about confirmed this theory with this little picture from yesterday morning.

X-man begging at daddy's lap for some of his Cheerios.


scribbit said...

Okay, when my oldest was about two and we lived in an apartment the maintenance man came to the door and Grace ran up to him and started licking his leg. He didn't appreciate her involving him in her game of puppy. I about died but then it was rather funny.

k said...

V does the same thing... I've actually resorted to pretending to eat her food in my chair, since she eats more if she thinks she's eating the same thing I am.

Amanda said...

He looks so big in that picture! We have to get together soon!