Monday, January 01, 2007

Sixth Sense

I'm telling you, X-man has a sixth sense to tell when we have company in the house. Last weekend and this weekend when we had family over, he wasn't sleeping longer than an hour (usually just 45 minutes, though). His naps are generally 2 hours long, especially the first one in the morning.

He's been down since 9:00 am, my parents left shortly after I put him down and it's 11:13 and he's still asleep.

He gets it from his mamma...he doesn't want to miss anything!

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one hot 'sista said...

It's 'cause he knows all of the ponys and firetrucks are resting, too! Good for XMan - way to figure this all out early (it'll make it easier when I take him to Vegas for his 21st!).