Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I was watching Ham on the Street last week and George showed frozen bananas coated with honey (or corn syrup) and then rolled in cereal and then frozen again.

It made me think about the chocolate-covered bananas my dad used to make. But then I could only remember one time that he actually made them. But they must have made a big impression!

I got some good chocolate (62% cacao) and melted that on the stove. I didn't have any shortening so I used a little butter.

After the chocolate was all melted I took my first frozen banana and started to cover it with the chocolate. It was working pretty well, but I wanted the chocolate a little thinner.

So I added a little cream.

That was not good. It turned the chocolate into a kind of truffle-like consistency. I didn't want to waste the chocolate and it still tasted good, so I ended up molding it with my hands around the bananas.

What should I have done? Should I have added more cream? Should I have added a bit more butter?

It's still chocolate...around a banana...still tasty!


Becky said...

yeah, that's ganache. if you add a LOT of cream at once it's runnier, but if you don't add enough, you can't go back and add more after it's all incorporated, because then it's like goopy chocolate in cream. been there, done that.

snarflemarfle said...

Ganache...that's what I thought I made! It still tasted just fabulous, though.