Thursday, February 22, 2007

Almost all ready but the goin'

Last year, my sis found out about an Alaskan cruise that several people in her office were going to take. It's this summer...not too long from now. And TC and I are going with my sis and my parents. X-man? He's going to spend the week with TC's parents.

The travel agent is currently getting our flights and hotels booked.

We're going to fly into Vancouver and spend a day there before getting on the boat (I know, it's a ship, but I call it a boat...I mean no disrepect). Anyone know of cool places to visit while in Vancouver? Maybe some tasty places to eat?

The cruise will take us through the Inside Passage, to Ketchikan, Juneau, the Sawyer Glacier, Skagway, back through the Inside Passage and then to Vancouver. Any insights as to what might be the best things to do when we're on land?

I'm really excited but it's making me a little anxious thinking about packing for me for a week...and then packing food/toys/whatnot for X-man for the week.

I'm sure it'll all work out before we leave!


Anne said...

Loved Vancouver. Have a great trip!!

and rudeness said...

How exciting!! A cruise!

I tried to go to Vancouver once but something with 9/11 and paying extra for rental car and whatnot made me miss it.

Cant wait to hear about it!

scribbit said...

Oh how fun how fun how fun! Skagway is a hoot--a total goldrush town. Juneau and Ketchikan are beautiful and you'll have a great time. I have plenty of suggestions of things to do and see and where to eat if you're asking. . .

Mrs. R. Belle said...