Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I miss him!

It's 1:00 and X-man's still at Mother's Day Out. He fussed a little when they took him into the room, but he stopped fussing as soon as he got a toy to chew on. I bet he's having a better day than last Wednesday.

I've been to get my car's oil changed, to Michael's to get some crafting goodies (some $1 stamps, scallop-edged scissors and a cuttlebug embossing folder that works like a charm in my pasta machine), had lunch, emptied the dishwasher and loaded it up again, folded laundry and started another load. I feel productive.

But I keep hearing noises that sound like X-man napping.

I miss the cutie pie! It's quiet around here!


Stubbed My Toe said...

You are sick in the head. I love my son, but I'd part with some serious cash at times to have a Wild Bill free evening. Although I'll admit when he got home from his Grandma's on the 15th, I was suprised how glad I was to see him, screaming and all.

scribbit said...

I do enjoy my child-free moments but then I'd have to say I don't enjoy them near as much as I do my child-full moments. :)

and rudeness said...

I just wish I had a little bit more child-free moments... Imagine doing dishes WITHOUT a child crawling up your leg.

WOW. LOL. Glad you felt productive. Its such a wonderful feeling.