Thursday, February 08, 2007

I have a headache

What a day. And it's only noon.

X-man had his tubes checked this morning. And apparently his snotty nose has contributed to stuff getting in one of his ears and trying to clog up the tube.

My son has snot in his ears. I guess it's really mucus, but still. So now I have to clean all that stuff out of there so it doesn't dry and cause some other undiscussed peril.

What do I do to clean it up? You really wanna know?

1. I fill his ear canal with hydrogen peroxide and let it bubble. Then I turn his head and let that run out.
2. I fill his ear canal with nasal saline and let it sit for a sec (or 30) then let it run out of his ear.
3. Finally, I fill his ear canal with a nice antibiotic ear drop (that again, wasn't cheap).

And I do this three times a day...for three days!

Then we do just the antibiotic drops three times a day for three days. Then for the last four days, just the drops twice a day.


The picture above is the state of my bed after round one of Project: Ear Flush. And I didn't even clean it up because I'm going to have to do it again this afternoon!

Then I ordered my contacts and they were way more expensive than what I was guessing. It's an off year for my insurance...they pay for a year's worth of contacts every other year.

And on top of all that, there is an opening at my church's Children's Day Out on Wednesday. That's the day I asked for because that works out great with a once-a-month luncheon I have to attend. I'm having a slight case of mamma guilt. But it'll be good for him (socializing with other babies)...and for me, too (errands on my own, the gym!, work meetings, lunch with friends!). So why is this nagging at me?



Mrs. R. Belle said...

Its hard at first, but you need time to yourself to. Good for you!

and rudeness said...

Bummer. I hope everything clears up quickly!

My daughter was plaqued with ear infections her first 18 months of life and when the doctor told us "One more ear infection and she has to get tubes"... she hasnt had another since. **crosses fingers**

(By the way, I love your comforter.)

Stubbed My Toe said...

M, I'm scared.

scribbit said...

Nothing like cleaning your child's ears to make you ponder how lovely it is to be a mom :)

My 8 year old gets terrible wax build up and I can always tell when he's getting ready for a flushing because he can't hear half of what I'm saying.