Tuesday, March 06, 2007



X-man has RSV which has probably given him bronchiolitis. Thankfully the doctor sounded pretty calm about the whole thing so I don't think we're breathing treatment bound just yet. In addition to the lovely wheeze he's got in his lungs, both ear tubes are blocked and there's an infection in both of 'em.

I've got an oral antibiotic and ear drop antibiotics and we have to do the flushing the ear thing again. Nice.

Oh, and last night, I was up every hour in a little "intestinal distress" and then I finally threw up at 4:00. I hate throwing up...and there wasn't anyone here to give me hugs. (Oh, yea, TC's in California until Thursday)

I'm going to see if Mrs. H. can come visit us at lunch today. Maybe she'll bring me some Sprite.


Queen of things green said...

sorry you and x-man aren't feeling well. wish we could help. let us know if there is anything we can do from way down here.

^starshine said...

RSV isn't fun and it can be a bit scary. Hope you guys get to feeling better!

Kristin, Rod, and Miss V said...

Sorry to hear you've got a house full of sickies. Just be careful w/whatever you have. If it's the same thing that's been going around Michigan, it's very highly contagious and lasts about a week - yuck. Hopefully you're better soon.