Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pantless McNekkidLeggs

This morning I went into X-man's room to get him out of his crib. In one hand he held both socks and in the other hand he held his pants. And he was just beaming as if he was so proud that he had undressed part of himself!

I'm just glad he didn't figure out how to get the diaper off because I would have just had a meltdown if there was "organic" decoration all over the crib!

I'm feeling much better today. Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. H. came over and brought me some Sprite. Then she suggested I take a Tylenol. What a concept! I don't ever think about taking medicine for myself. That could be because my parents are both pharmacists and medicine is for selling, not for taking. Anyway, I'm positive that it was a combination of the Tylenol and her visit that helped me feel better.

And X-man isn't even acting sick so that helps alot. He doesn't like the ear flushing (but who would?) but other than that, he takes his oral antibiotic really well. He gets really excited when he sees the syringe coming out! He still has a cough and I can hear a wheeze, but I'm hoping that goes away by the end of the week.


scribbit said...

Way to be positive. "Organic" decoration :)

Sarah, Cayley and Maddie said...

Oh, little X-man!

I have had the displeasure of cleaning up such organic decorations and am so glad you have been spared. :)

Amanda said...

i'm glad you guys are feeling better.