Saturday, March 17, 2007

Whoa! Back that up!

A few days ago, my sister had a minor computer problem. And by minor I mean MAJOR...her hard drive wouldn't boot. It had unmountable boot volume. And she got the blue screen of death. She was afraid she had lost everything on her hard drive. Thankfully she does have a print out of her dissertation she's working on and she could retype it, but she has tons of pictures and recipes get the idea.

In light of that, today TC took me to get a memory stick to back up my work stuff (it holds 4Gb and I only have 50Mb of data). Then I splurged a little and got an 500Gb external drive to save all my digital scrapbooking stuff. I've got lots of freebies and a few sets I've purchased and it's taking up lots of room on my computer. I think it's only about 10Gb so it'll no where near fill up the other drive. And I'll have plenty of room if we decide that we want to keep the pictures of X-man on it instead of our other computer (ummm...we have one desktop and 3 laptops in the house...yes, we're both computer nerds).

As I type this, I'm moving all my digital scrapbooking stuff to the external drive and I'll be able to free up that space on my laptop. Yes, that means that when I want to do some digital scrapbooking I'll have to plug into the external drive, but that's no biggie. It's pretty portable.

Oh, and sis has found out that she's going to be able to recover most everything. Good thing she has a techie friend close because TC would never be able to walk her through everything over the phone!

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